Level up your brand
with In-Game

Reach a valuable audience of gamers with brand messaging in an interactive and engaging environment.

What We Do

Real Ads in a Virtual World

Your ads will become part of the game. Whether it be a poster in an open world title, a billboard around the track in a racing simulator or perimeter boards around the pitch in a football game; your brand will seamlessly become part of the action.

Mobile, PC, Console

Games are played across various devices and the demographic makeup on each one can differ. Run your campaign across all devices to achieve maximum reach or target devices specifically to hone in on your target audience.

Unmatched Reach and Scale

Asobu connects you to all the major In-Game tech vendors allowing you to access millions of consumers across thousands of game titles all over the world.

How We Work

01. Contact Us

Have any questions about how you can get your brand in the game? Complete the contact form below and one of our in-game experts will reply as soon as possible.

02. Project Planning

We will work with you to build a unique campaign plan targeting games and devices most suited to your audience. Target cross device for maximum reach or hit a specific audience with a customised list of games.

03. Creative

Our team of creative experts will ensure the assets you have will not only be compatible with the vast array of games out there but that your message will “pop” and be received in a fun and engaging way.

04. Reporting

Reduce the clutter of multiple reports in different formats across several vendors with access to unified reporting, allowing you to better understand the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Access the maximum reach of gamers using our cross-platform solution

Asobu is connected to all of the major In-Game advertising platforms making the reach and scale of the entire ecosystem available to you in one place.


The effectiveness of In-Game ads is measured by engagement. You can optimise towards the maximum time spent with your ad per user, ensuring that people are actually receiving your message.

Individual Approach

Receive dedicated account management from our team of In-Game advertising experts. They will ensure you’re kept up to speed with performance and offer optimisation advice throughout the campaign.

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