In-Game Advertising Explained

In-game advertising is revolutionising both the digital advertising and gaming industries. We’ve been able to show ads within games for years but the implementation, usually as banners or interstitials, has often been seen as disruptive to user experience. While it’s also been possible to get your brand into the actual gameplay itself, be it through billboards around a virtual football pitch or sponsored content, this has been prohibitively expensive for most campaigns. It would require very long lead times with the messaging hard coded permanently into the content of the game. 

What’s new is that we can now deliver ads into gameplay in real time, programmatically. This opens up a highly effective and impactful ad opportunity to all so that you can run these ads on a per session basis across a huge number of titles.


As this is such a new channel the supply is fragmented. There are multiple companies working with the game developers to get ads into the gameplay. Asobu is an advertising platform that brings this all together in one place so you can access 100% of the reach available from all of the major supply partners. Each of the different In-Game advertising vendors have their own unique ad formats, reporting, engagement measurement and processes. We take away the hassle of having to deal with all this complexity. You get one point of contact with one set of reporting across the entire fragmented ecosystem leaving you time to concentrate on what’s important, creating an impactful message to be delivered to a highly engaged audience of gamers.